About Me

healing • motivating • inspiring • moving forward

I am a single mom/ business woman/ church and social work volunteer/ Public Speaker/

coming soon …  motivator and coach


Long time ago, I didn’t like my name. I used to introduce  my name as Julie instead of Juely.  Juely is hard to pronounce and sounds kind of weird. I think thats why we don’t find many people using it. Obviously, it is not a popular name.

Later, I  found out, that Juely  means “Precious Gem Stone”, coming from  an Old French origin. Wow … I didn’t expect I was named so precious. GOOD!!! Then, I’m proud to wear that, hahaha… birth-given name run the direction of life.

I realize, my life have not yet reaching the true value of that name.  I still need to be shaped and polished in a right ways. And I believe, in the end I will, shine like jewel, even in darkness,  valuable even  in the trash …

Since  I know Jesus Christ and follow Him back in year 2000, My character has been sharpened and my spiritual life has increase significantly.  And,  to combine with my experiences of hardship periods  which I had been went thru 4 seasons of life, I become more empathize about other people,  I feel  an urge to help people especially in getting back their original creation identity.  I want to share my thought and give them   a  new perception that life is still beautiful no matter how bad it is, because HOPE is there.

I want to make people  smile in their bitter moment …

I want to motivate people to move forward and take a first step to start a new chapter in life …

I love to see people I have helped getting what they deserve for …

Each piece of  my quiet times, life explorations, people learning and profiling, experiences, and self reflections… every conclusion I have got, are sincerely poured in this blog. I wish these writing will be blessings to many…

I promise you that I will be better and better serving you with the stories inside this blog. These blogs are lightly and simply written to be enjoyed by anyone.

A huge appreciation for stopping by and using your valuable time to read this.  Hope you will find some precious piece for your life …

Please kindly subscribe and comment …

Thousands Blessing,


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