In fact, the meaning of the word “satisfy” is  difficult to  understand by mankind. And, it  is getting worse, because a lot of great motivators who exist nowadays are mostly inspiring people to make money, more and more money. Books with the theme of “A Fast Way to Get RICH”  are well sold. Everyone seem to compete to each other  to reach the highest peak of success.

There is never enough, no satisfaction. Comparing life with others is motoring people to do better than others.  We ought to keep our garden greener than the neighbors have.  We forget the word and the meaning of “true happiness”. We consider that to have more means  happier, have more control means happier, have more knowledge means  happier. When and where this thing going to stop if there is more and more achievements to reach?

Yes, the pursuit of  successful has done nothing wrong in our life. Honestly it is a good way of living, as long as it is done without  forgetting  the other aspects of life. But  to the pursuit of happiness, we have to know what the true purpose of our lives, because every human is born with their own portion. Ask ourselves, what does really make us happy and feel complete, if  “rich” is the answer, then go on – continue the battle.

Sad but true,  a lot of people have  became very tired of life.  We look at other’s  life are better than ours, we sometimes want their life. We are struggling hard to be success, and don’t realize we are getting old and in the end find ourselves have nothing other than wealth. We lost a lot.

I boldly declared that happy is the point where we feel grateful and satisfied with anything we’ve had in our lives, and have the balance of physical and spiritual life.

Satisfaction can be reached by placing the right priorities, and with that we can enjoy everything to the fullest in everyday life, inside and out, body and soul.

The balance in the personal (the soul / spirit), for example:

  • Faith believes in God
  • Health
  • Wisdom and knowledge.

Balance physically, for example:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Ministry
  • Community
  • Hobby.

Remember, the most important of  a balance life is the  presence of God in us. Without Him, the soul was empty. The empty soul is obviously an unhappy soul.

Wealth, Success, Fame, Beauty, Ingenuity or the other great achievable thing are not be able to fully fill one’s heart. Discontentment would always encourage them to seek and find something to fill the vacancy.

A philosopher,  Pascal said, “In every human being there is an empty space created God and only He alone can fill.”

So, why not seek God first to fill us?  as an empty soul can not fully enjoy what they have, for example:

  • rich  but unable to enjoy his wealth.
  • famous and always surrounded by the masses, but feel lonely.
  • beautiful but  not satisfied and never get enough to do surgery to be perfect beautiful.
  • have a good spouse but  see other’s spouse are better.

Friends, we are  considered as the apple of HIS eyes. We are important creation of God. He never reject us as long as  we are open to Him, invite Him and allow Him to stay in us.

Satisfied in God to make us happy, make us feel  beautiful, makes us feel good and make us feel complete. Be thankful. Feeling good makes us happy.

People who are happy will not experience prolonged distress, although he lives in simple life, but always doing everything meaningfully. Happiness is not an emotion for a moment.  It is not judging from how hard we laughed, but it radiates from the inside out, and you’re sure can recognize it.

Invite Him into our life and be happy!

Thousands Blessing,

a better me, a better life

Note: this article is translated from its Indonesian version “Orang Lain Lebih Bahagia?” at, posted 09th July 2011.