Our life episodes content  the past, the present and the future. It is a saying that the world  is a drama stage,  each person has their roles in this life.  We can clearly see the story and the role we took from the previous moment, but we never know what is coming for us in the future. Yet, we have to wait for it and continue to take the role until finished.

Not everyone is ready to move on to  the next episode of his life. One reason among others called failure which was happened in the past. Failure often results in low self-esteem, shame, trauma and even despair.

I’m sure that no one plan for  failures in his life. However,  the wheel of life  gives us the turn to experience  different things. With  different levels and intensities  as well. When the wheels are rolling  to the bottom point, which is the point of failure, it would require an extra  effort to make it roll up back.

When our time is fall  at the bottom point, we often forget that we need to increase the thrust to  lever up. We often slumped. And if we await without doing anything  in the same position, we will never experience the blessings listed on the top of wheel. We feel bad for everything that surrounding us at that moment. Failure often invite other failures if we do not clean up the soonest possible.

On my wheel of life, I had  been at the bottom point for4 years. It obviously took me quite a long time  to  spin up. My friends were  fear, no self confidence  and trauma. It was not an easy life period. Although I know that God is with me, but intimidation whispered louder than my faith, roaring  into the ear of my heart and mind. My pace was blocked.  It made me weak to move.

Amazingly, through the weakness,  I became very dependent on Him in my hopeless time.  He did not  suddenly give super human strength to me, but He recovered me by worked through my heart. Broken heart was finally cured and revealed. Slowly but sure,  new vision are formed, new habits are formed till it was strong enough for me to rise and spin up.  Since then (in 2004), I live in victory because of my dependent on Him.


Whatever the failure was, it should not be a reason for us to become stagnant and unable to do anything about it.  Let us  not live in past failures.

In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot’s wife were mentioned that she turned into salt-pole when she was looking back. This also means when God prepare a way out for us, let us not look back to the past. If  we do, we will be “petrified”. Instead of  being stuck in sorrow and  fear, we must continue to learn to get up, motivate ourselves, lift our  head and look at one point where the  hope and future belong. We only live once, and the time will continue to run, do not be squandered. Are you ready to welcome the future?

Like when we write something on sand shore, when the water came washing the shore, the text will disappear and a new sand surfaced again. Supposedly that’s our mentality to failures in the past, leave and start new again. Forget the past … run on goal …. to a future full of hope. LET NOT CHOOSE TO BE A SALT-POLE.

Richly blessed,

a Better me,  a Better life

Note: this article is translated from its Indonesian version “Kemanakah Aku Harus Melangkah” at, posted 13th July 2011.