The photo above was taken from one scene of the  film The Legend. Starring Will Smith, the movie tells about a city that lost  its inhabitants, except for Will and his dog. It is very frightening, being alone in the wilderness of concrete buildings.

The booming  of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc,  as well as easy access to communicate is an indicator that people need friends, people are afraid to be alone.

A word of God says that it is not good for  man to live alone was inspired the creation of  Eve to accompany  Adam. That is the origin idea of  community. Ranging from the smallest one like spouse,  to the larger ones like family and  friends wherever we involved within;  school friends, business friends, playmates or just casual acquaintances. We build relationship within any community we engage in.

But the relationship between human beings often do not last. Some end up with sadness, hurt and disappointment. Any form of relationship doesn’t immune from the threat of splitting and destruction. Selfishness of men  often lead to disunity. Provocation, dishonesty, jealousy and envy, betrayal are some causes of the rift.

It would help us   if we understand the background and character of a person before getting involve too close  in relationship.  Different  style and point of view would  automatically create a different definition of the meaning of a friendship.  Some people would give everything for their friend,  some were just looking for connections, some were  looking   in terms of wealth, some were just want to have fun, but I’m sure that each of us want at least one true friend.

Kahlil Gibran said, “there is no such thing as true friends, only interests.”

Truly said, that if we honestly examine the types of relationships that we have in any community, there is only one basis, which is the basis of the same interests, the same desires, the same ideals. That’s the basis which  makes two people or more match to each other.

A long term nor close relationship guarantee it will be lasting in the future, because people change.

If we want to improve our  quality the area of ​​friendship, maybe there are some things to learn.  I have quoted  three things that we can develop, which are:

  • Motivation: Sincerity in touch, is there a hidden agenda? or manipulate others in order to achieve our goals. (Romans 12:9 Let love it do not pretend).
  • Image: Are we consciously give different impressions of ourselves with reality? (Matthew 23:28 Even so ye also, next to the outside you appear righteous in the eyes of men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy next and iniquity)
  • Words: Speaking of discipline, which is stated is the truth. (Mat 5:37 If so be ye say yes, if it does not let you say no. Better than what comes from the evil one).

With such attitudes in mind, we at least put and offer ourselves as a good friend to those who needs us. In addition, I believe that God puts certain people as true friend to us, it could be more than one. It features those who  appears when we really need a strut. Those people can be found  in every episode of our life, in childhood, adolescence, adulthood, marriage, parenting etc. Try to think back and recall whoever  has ever emerged as a true friend when we experience hard times and need mental support.

Remember that there is always a figure of a true friend to everyone, He is the faithful Jesus Christ.  When the rest of the world does not care about us, persecute and throw us,  He is the one who would  sustain us and hold our tears.
Let us learn to be like him. Being a true friend to our friends, although sometimes abused, slandered, insulted and persecuted, learn to stay with true love.

“You’ll probably forget someone who laughs with you, but it is impossible to forget those who have cried with you.” – Khalil Gibran

Be Blessed,

a Better me, a Better life

Note: This article is translated from its origin Indonesian version “Kita Semua Butuh Teman” at  www.juelyjulie.com  posted 19th July 2011